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Your team of refrigeration specialists in the Greater Montreal area

Do you need help with your commercial or industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and ice machine? We have the solution to ensure the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of all your equipment!

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Réfrigération Serv-Ice offers extensive expertise in the sale and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Do you have an emergency? We can meet your needs quickly!

Choose Réfrigération Serv‑Ice for the maintenance of your appliances

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By choosing Serv-Ice, you benefit from a team with a wide range of knowledge and experience. From installation to maintenance, we meet all your specific needs and more.

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All our teams are constantly improving their knowledge in order to offer you high quality equipment and services. Each member of the team is also a certified refrigeration technician.

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As part of our complete service package, we are committed to providing you with top quality work, where both material and labor are guaranteed. Terms and conditions may apply.

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About Serv‑Ice

Located on the North Shore, Réfrigération Serv-Ice serves the Montreal area and its surroundings. In business for many years, all our refrigeration technicians are certified and respect the regulations related to this industry.

We operate mainly in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Whether it is for a breakdown, a failure or simply for maintenance, we carry all the necessary equipment to ensure the proper functioning of the installations.

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